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At Skyline, the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) course is taught with specialised and in depth knowledge in International Business, Marketing, Information Systems, Finance, Tourism and Human Resources Management.

Skyline offers a UGC Recognised Regular MBA Degree with Industry Integrated to help you be productive at your workplace from day one.

Today we live in a seamless global village where the environment is dynamically changing. Globalization, deregulation, consumerism and technology have changed the landscape of business and an MBA has become essential in this global environment. The market is no more local. The competition is no more local. Distance has become irrelevant in business context, and consumer can demand and acquire best products and services from any part of the world. Business management skills are essential to manage this changing and global environment which is provided by the MBA course at Skyline.

An MBA in this environment must be highly responsive. It should train us to adapt and excel simultaneously in global as well as local environment.  It should imbibe in us to always remain inquisitive and to continually innovate, learn and refine. An MBA should create strong work ethics and discipline and teach us to retain our core human values at all times, while competing fiercely in corporate world.

Skyline MBA courses is from a UGC recognized Indian University with specialization in Marketing, Finance, International Business, Human Resources Management, Tourism, Information Systems, Retail Operations and Banking. With our placements results stand us in Top MBA Delhi and MBA India Institute lane.

Allied subjects taught in  MBA Classes: Economics, Quantitative Methods, Accounting, HRM.

Basic skills of independent learning, time management, communicative competence, Information Technology and Presentations are developed in Skyline MBA students. MBA students undergo a Corporate Readiness Programme which includes oral communication skills, body language and dress codes, corporate etiquette and interview skills as well.

Skyline admit 180 in 1st year and same number in the 2nd year in our MBA Classes.
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